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    Rock Move Dex

    Post  Jessica Steele on Thu May 31, 2012 10:31 pm

    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description
    Ancient Power Special Two Slot 20 100% The user gathers energy from the earth, and fires it at the foe in the form of large, glowing, spectral rocks. As it attacks with this energy, the user also gathers a small portion of it into itself, having a small chance of invigorating and enhancing ALL of its stats.
    Head Smash Physical Two Slot 50 80% One of the strongest Rock moves, made famous by huge brutes such as Rampardos and Aggron. The user performs a suicidal rush at the enemy, bashing the target with its rock-hard skull. The extreme force of the attack excessively damages the target, but the user is inflicted half of the damage it dealt as recoil.
    Power Gem Special One Slot 23 100% The user fires a group or shiny powerful stones in one blast doing moderate damage to the opponent. Due to all the shards of the blast this attack may be a bit difficult to dodge for many Pokémon.
    Rock Blast Physical Two Slot 5 90% The user fires a barrage of mid-sized round stones at the foe, hitting up to three times.
    Rock Polish Buff One Slot - -% The user concentrates the power in their body, making certain body parts glow (color depends on the Pokémon). While these body parts are glowing, they give a dramatic boost to the user's Speed. It is a great surprise tactic if the opponent is unaware of the attacks purpose.
    Rock Slide Physical Two Slot 27 90% The user performs a vicious rush towards the foe, its footsteps tearing up the ground as it charges. As a result, the foe is assaulted by both the user's body and a massive trail of rocks and debris. All foes are hit within range. Because of the overwhelming amount of debris that fall on the opponent.
    Rock Throw Physical One Slot 15 90% The user throws a big rock or stone at the opponent's head.
    Rock Tomb Physical One Slot 15 80% The user throws a multitude of rock in an attempt to trap the opponent completely. As one would expect, this attack may lower the speed of the opponent.
    Rock Wrecker Physical Two Slot 50 90% An attack that's unique to Rhyperior. The user reaches and grabs an extremely large piece of the earth in the area and hurls it at the opponent, inflicting massive damage. Due to the sheer size of what Rhyperior is throwing, it may be a bit difficult to dodge. Because of the enormous strength needed to carry such an attack, the user must rest on their next post and is vulnerable to any susceptible attacks.
    Rollout Physical Two Slot 10 90% The user curls themselves up into a ball shape, then they begin to roll. As they move they become faster, retaining their accuracy. They will gradually become more powerful as this move is continued and it will become difficult to stop if the attack progresses too far. If the user uses Defense Curl beforehand, the attack power of this move is doubled. The attack doubles and becomes stronger if it's used consecutively for five posts.
    Sandstorm Weather Changer One Slot - -% The user summons a raging sandstorm to buffet the field with stinging winds. As long as the storm rages, all non-Rock, Ground, or Steel Pokémon take slight damage each turn. The sandstorm will rage for a duration of five of the user's posts.
    Smack Down Physical One Slot 15 100% The user hurls a rock at the opponent, striking them with a great force. If the opponent is in the air, the force is enough to send them crashing to the ground and disorientating them to the point that it is impossible for them to take off for the remainder of the fight.
    Stealth Rock Debuff One Slot - -% The user causes a number of small, pointed rocks to float around the area. These rocks will act as constant obstacles to pick away at the enemy if they aren't careful. Any Pokémon switching into the battle WILL take damage from the hazard!
    Stone Edge Physical Two Slot 35 80% The user strikes the foe with a huge, sharp edged stone to inflict heavy damage. If a large sharp-edged stone is not available, one of the user's attacking appendages becomes coated in solid rock for the sole purpose of performing this attack. Because of its jagged points on the rocks, the move has a higher chance of dealing a critical hit.
    Wide Guard Buff One Slot - -% The user braces itself for an attack while guarding the other members of its party, either with its hard shell, toned muscle, or even weak psychic wall absorbing the entirety of the assault leaving none of team damaged. However, in creating a wall of defense large enough to defend multiple allies, an attack that is specifically focused on a single member will be able to either break through or avoid the block entirely. Every time the move is used in succession, its chances of failing rises.

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