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    Poison Dex

    Post  Jessica Steele on Thu May 31, 2012 10:30 pm

    Move Type One Slot Power Accuracy Description
    Acid Special One Slot 13 100% The user spews a burning, stinging acid at all possible enemies within range, dealing terrible damage. The burns caused by it has a chance to soften up the target for further attacks by lowering the foe's Special Defense by one stage.
    Acid Armor De/Buff One Slot - -% The user changes its molecular structure and turns its body into a liquid form. While in this state, the user's Physical attacks become weaker, but it becomes incredibly hard to damage using Physical moves, with their defense being increased by two stages.
    Acid Spray Special One Slot 13 100% The user spits out a horrible, green, fluid that works to melt down its target. Because of its chemical properties of crucially melting the opponent, their Special Defense is automatically decreased by one stage and they become more susceptible to Special Attacks.
    Clear Smog Special Two Slot 15 -% The user sprays an unsanitary gas into the air that slightly darkens the area and causes minor damage if it is inhaled. All afflicted Pokémon exposed to it will lose all of their stat changes and return to normal.
    Coil De/Buff One Slot - -% The user coils itself in a ritual and concentrates deeply. Its Attack and Accuracy is increased from the concentration, along with its Defense, all by one stage, due to covering itself.
    Cross Poison Physical One Slot 23 100% The uses uses it's deeply poisoned fangs or blades and effectively slashes the opponent in the form of an X, dealing out high damage. Because of the attack's intense nature, it has a high critical hit ratio.
    Gastro Acid De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user pukes out sticky green liquid from its stomach and hurls it at their opponent. Although the acid doesn't do any damage, its effect negates their ability for the rest of the battle, even if washed out.
    Gunk Shot Physical Two Slot 40 70% The user coughs up and vomits a monstrous amount of poisonous garbage and sludge, hurling it at the opponent with an unmerciful force. Because of the large collection of poison material, this attack has a chance of poisoning the opponent.
    Poison Fang Physical One Slot 15 100% The user bites the opponent with their toxic fangs and damages the opponent. If the opponent is vulnerable enough, the poison can seep into the opponent's body and badly poison them.
    Poison Gas Status Changer Two Slot - 80% The user spews forth a cloud of purple poisonous gas at the opponent(s). The opponent(s) will be poisoned if they inhale the lethal gas.
    Poison Jab Physical One Slot 25 100% The user imbues their body with poison and unleashes a barrage of physical attacks at the opponent. Because of repeated attacks with deadly poison, the attack has a chance of poisoning the target.
    Poison Sting Physical One Slot 5 100% Poison Sting is the basic method, jabbing the enemy with a poisoned barb of some sort.
    Poison Tail Physical One Slot 15 100% An attack that was unique to Seviper. The user imbues it's bladed tail with poison and viciously swings it at the opponent. Because of its powerful impact, the attack has a high chance of dealing out a critical hit.
    Poison Powder Status Changer Two Slot - 75% The user scatters toxic dust around the foe, which delivers a nasty poison if it is inhaled.
    Sludge Special One Slot 20 100% The user sprays the enemy with a thick black gunk at the opponent, having a possible chance of poisoning the opponent.
    Sludge Bomb Special Two Slot 30 100% The user spits out a vile of toxic in the form of a condensed ball at the opponent. Because of its high velocity, the attack can deal out heavy impact damage as the poison explodes upon contact. Because of the spread out poison, it has a chance of poisoning the target.
    Sludge Wave Special Two Slot 30 100% The user unleashes a large wave of purple sludge that envelops all those near it in the gooey fluid. The toxic substance stands a good chance of poisoning the opponent in the case of ingestion, or even just prolonged contact with the skin.
    Smog Special One Slot 5 70% The user discharges a blast of filthy, poisonous gas at the opponent. This attack has a high chance of poisoning the opponent.
    Toxic Status Changer Two Slot - 90% The user releases a thick purple liquid from its mouth. The attack is deadly to the touch, inflicting a very powerful form of poison upon the victim, which increases in intensity as time passes.
    Toxic Spikes De/Buff One Slot - -% The user scatters poisonous spikes around the field like caltrops, or fires them at the foe. Naturally, getting poked by these for any reason results in the victim being poisoned. They also naturally hurt to get poked with.
    Venoshock Special Two Slot 20 100% The user rains acid down from the sky over the foe's head. It will deal moderate damage when it hits, but it doubles in power if the foe is already Poisoned.

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