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    Normal; A to N

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    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description
    Acupressure De/Buff One Slot - -% The user jabs themselves in various places using their beak, claws, thorns or fingertips. This causes one of the users stats to increase by two stages.
    After You Support One Slot - -% The user opts to hang back in the next round of attacks, permitting the target to go before them when said target attacks
    Assist Support One Slot - -% The user randomly chooses one of it's partners moves and attacks with it.
    Attract De/Buff Two Slot - 100% The user preens, shows off it's beauty in some way, or simply does something attractive in general. The target upon seeing this, if they are of the opposite gender, is less likely to attack.
    Barrage Physical Two Slot 5 85% The user throws objects, usually stones, sticks, or seeds, at the target up to three times.
    Baton Pass De/Buff Two Slot - - The user switches places with a party Pokémon in waiting, passing along any stat changes that had occurred
    Bestow De/Buff One Slot - -% The user passes it's held item to the target, if the target is not holding an item.
    Bide Physical One Slot Various -% The user endures attacks for two turns, then strikes with all their force, causing damage equivalent to double that they took.
    Bind Physical Two Slot 5 Accuracy The user does on of three things, either wraps the target up in vines, their arms, or simply wraps around them with their body. This causes damage over three turns, though both the target and the user can still attack while this is being used.
    Block De/Buff One Slot - -% The user blocks the targets way, using either outstretched arms or their body.
    Body Slam Physical One Slot 25 100% The user drops onto the target with it's full weight, sometimes leaving the target paralyzed.
    Camouflage De/Buff One Slot - -% The user, through adjusting their molecular structure, changes their type to better match their environment
    Captivate De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user charms the target in some manner conducive to what the target finds charming. This, if the target is of the opposite gender, lowers the targets Special Attack by two stages.
    Charm De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user gazes at the target in a charming way, making motions so as to be even more charming. This harshly lowers the targets Attack by two stages.
    Chip Away Physical One Slot 23 100% The user dodges around the target, attacking any openings that it can find and ignoring any stat changes that had been done to the target.
    Comet Punch Physical Two Slot 5 85% The user strikes the target with a flurry of punches anywhere up to three times.
    Constrict Physical One Slot 10 100% The user strikes at the target with their tentacles, wrapping and constricting before release. This may also decrease the targets speed.
    Conversion De/Buff One Slot - -% The user analyzes it's moves, then proceeds to change it's structure to become the same type as it.
    Conversion 2 De/Buff One Slot - -% The user analyzes the type of the attack the opponent last used upon it, changing it's structure to become resistant to it.
    Copycat De/Buff One Slot - -% The user mimics the move used previous to it's usage, whether it was used by an opponent, an ally, or the user it's self. Should the user have used Copycat previous, the move called by the previous Copycat will be the one called by Copycat this time.
    Covet Physical One Slot 20 100% The user approaches the target in a way that seems harmless and nice, then quickly steals the targets held item.
    Crush Claw Physical One Slot 23 95% The user slashes at the target, their hard and sharp claws doing great damage and sometimes even decreasing the targets defense
    Crush Grip Physical One Slot Various 100% The user grabs the target in it's arms, crushing the target to it's body and doing more damage the more HP the target has.
    Cut Physical One Slot 15 95% The user cuts the target with a scythe, their claws, or even a vine.
    Defensive Curl De/Buff One Slot - -% The user curls up into a ball or the fetal position, hiding it's vulnerable spots from harm and increasing it's defense by one stage.
    Disable De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user releases a burst of mental energy, forcing the target to forget how to use the last technique it used for four turns.
    Dizzy Punch Physical One Slot 23 100% The user strikes at the target, throwing punches in a rhythm that may also confuse the target.
    Double Hit Physical Two Slot 6 90% The user smacks the target with it's tail, vines, or even just its hands up to two times in a turn.
    Double Team De/Buff One Slot - -% The user moves at a rapid pace, creating two identical copies of it, following the user's every move. These copies can not deal damage and will vanish when hit by a force.
    Double-Edge Physical Two Slot 40 100% The user tackles the target with abandon, ignoring it's own safety to do great damage, causing the the user to lose Stamina equal to one fourth of the damage it inflicted on its opponent.
    Double Slap Physical Two Slot 10 85% The user strikes the target with it's open hands, hitting the opponent up to twice in the turn.
    Echoed Voice Special One Slot - 100% The user releases a large yell. The soundwaves from this yell echo and will cause greater damage the more times this technique is used in a row.
    Egg Bomb Physical One Slot 35 75% The user lifts up a large egg, hurling it at the target and inflicting great damage should it hit.
    Encore De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user claps, making as much noise as they can in a cheering fashion so much that the target uses their previous move since it was liked so well.
    Endeavor Physical One Slot Various 100% The user strikes the opponent in vulnerable places, using their fists, feet or beak, and bringing their opponent down to the same amount of HP as them.
    Endure De/Buff One Slot - -% The user readies it's self for the next attack, hardening it's muscles and concentrating, preventing it's self from fainting should the opponent nearly cause it to faint.
    Entrainment De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user dances in a near mind controlling rhythm, the steps causing the targets ability to become the same as the users.
    Explosion Physical Two Slot 100 Max 100% The user explodes with great force, causing a radius of damage equal to fifteen feet and doing damage equal to the users remaining HP, capping at one hundred damage, to all within the radius.
    Extreme Speed Physical Two Slot 25 100% The user charges the foe at blinding speed. It runs so fast its legs usually become a blur and it is surrounded in a white aura as it charges into its opponent at a fast speed. This move is also commonly used to evade incoming attacks.
    Facade Physical One Slot 23 100% White electricity sparkles around the users body and it becomes surrounded in a colorful aura that makes its body shine. The user then tackles the opponent. The move's damage doubles in power if the opponent is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.
    Fake Out Physical One Slot 13 100% The user creates a small shock wave of air by clapping.
    False Swipe Physical One Slot 15 100% The user jumps into the air then falls down toward the opponent. It raises its two limbs into the air, then brings them both down hard on the opponent. This attack will always leave the opponent with at least one HP.
    Feint Physical One Slot 15 100% The users head, horn, claws, hands, feet, or some type of limb glows white and it slams its selected body part into an opponent. If the opponent is using Protect or Detect its barrier is destroyed . It then tosses the opponent with its selected body part.
    Flail Physical One Slot Various 100% The user flails about, it's limbs, fins or body striking out randomly. The less HP the user has, the more damage it does, for you subtract the current HP from the total HP and then divide by three.
    Flash De/Buff One Slot - 100% A selected body type on the user lights up and the user emits a very bright light.
    Focus Energy De/Buff One Slot - -% A light blue, red, or white aura surrounds the user. When it uses the next attack, the point that will hit the opponent turns a deeper shade light blue, red, or white.
    Follow Me De/Buff One Slot - -% The users limb such as its hand or the equivalent for other Pokémon that don't have hands will began to glow, it will do a simple gesture and Follow Me will be activated. Follow Me forces the opposing user to attack the user rather than the intended target during battles.
    Foresight De/Buff One Slot - -% The users eyes shoot red beams and it is able to get rid of illusions created. It can also reveal invisible Ghost-type Pokémon. It's body could also becomes outlined in light blue and its eyes also glow light blue. It then releases a large light blue force field from its body that expands all around, revealing any invisible objects.
    Frustration Physical One Slot Various 100% The user has a temper tantrum, hitting the opponent with its arms, smacking it with its head, and stomping or kicking it with its legs.
    Fury Attack Physical One Slot 5 85% The user hits at the opponent with its beak and or horn up to three times in the turn.
    Fury Swipes Physical One Slot 5 80% The users claws glow white and it slashes the opponent up to three times in the turn.
    Giga Impact Physical Two Slot 50 90% The user flies or jumps into the air and its body becomes surrounded by spiraling orange streaks. Then, a purple energy sphere surrounds the users body and it flies into the opponent with great force. Due to the massive scale of this attack, the user is temporarily exhausted on their next post, vulnerable to any attack.
    Glare De/Buff One Slot - 90% The user glares at the opponent and they flash different colors, making the opponent paralyzed.
    Growl De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user lets out a loud, piercing cry that even distorts the air around it.
    Growth De/Buff One Slot - -% Light green orbs form in front of the user that releases a green beam that transfers its energy to others.
    Guillotine Physical One Slot OHKO -% The users claws glow white and it strikes the opponent with it, or the user grabs the opponent by the neck with a glowing white claw and slams it into the ground.
    Harden De/Buff One Slot - -% The user tenses up his muscles and glows or shines a certain color. After which the user is able to take more attacks or even deflect them off. When used the user usually takes a certain stance and doesn't move.
    Head Charge Physical One Slot 40 100% The user charges at the opponent and its head glows red. The front of it also glows yellow. It then slams the yellow part of its head into the opponent, losing Stamina equal to one fourth of the damage it inflicted on its opponent
    Headbutt Physical One Slot 23 100% The user sticks its head out and rams straight forward into the opponent.
    Heal Bell Recovery Two Slot - -% The user releases a colorful sound waves from its body, healing the status ailments of everyone around it.
    Helping Hand De/Buff One Slot - -% The user starts to cheer and its body gives off light colorful electric sparks or glows as it cheers. Then it releases a glow of light or colorful lightning in the air and it lands on the target, powering it up.
    Hidden Power Special Two Slot Various 100% Damage is calculated as half the user's level with a minimum of one point of damage. When the user learns this move, it will be given a type which it will forever deal damage as. This type can not be changed and is listed in the Pokémon's move list. A list of descriptions for the different types can be found here.
    Horn Attack Physical One Slot - 100% The user spins around like a saw blade and charges at the opponent, or charges with its horns and attacks the opponent.
    Horn Drill Physical One Slot OHKO -% The users head glows silver, grows longer and spins like a drill. Or the users horn spins like a drill and it uses it to attack.
    Howl De/Buff One Slot - -% The user does an invigorating howl that boost is his strength and sends out a small shock wave.
    Hyper Beam Special One Slot 50 90% The user gathers energy in its mouth and fires a colorful beam at the opponent from it.
    Hyper Fang Physical One Slot 25 90% The user shows its teeth, which on occasion shine when it's about to attack and bites down on the opponent.
    Hyper Voice Special One Slot 30 100% The user lets loose a horribly echoing shout that takes the form of white and gray shock waves with the power to inflict damage.
    Judgement Special One Slot - 100% The users head glows brightly, and a shinging orb appears on top of its forehead. It then launches the orb into the sky, which leaves behind silver streaks as it fires. The orb then explodes in the air, releasing multiple silver meteors to come crashing down on the opponent.
    Last Resort Physical One Slot 45 100% The user jumps high into the air above the opponent and brings its front paws, or hands down as it falls, slamming the opponent into the ground. Can only be used after all other moves have been used.
    Leer De/Buff One Slot - 100% The user glares at the opponent and stares at it with an intimidating look on its face. When the opponent sees it, its body slumps over and it loses all of its energy.
    Lock-On De/Buff One Slot - -% The users eyes glows red, and it releases a red ring at the opponent from its body. The red ring shoots at the opponent and grows smaller when it hits it, turning into a red target that sticks to the opponent. The next attack the user uses cannot miss.
    Lovely Kiss Status Changer One Slot - 75% The user, with a very sexy, but scary, face, attempts to force a kiss upon the target. If successful the target ends up asleep from the sheer shock.
    Lucky Chant De/Buff One Slot - -% The user begins to chant a mystical chant, this chant holds power and prevents all that hear it from landing critical hits, their strikes moved towards less vulnerable, but still damaging, areas.
    Me First De/Buff One Slot - -% The user thrusts it's mind into the targets, attempting to cut ahead of said target and use the move it had been trying to use before it.
    Mean Look De/Buff One Slot - -% The user bunches up it's face and a look of pure anger and ferocity pins the target down, letting them know that in no uncertain terms are they allowed to leave.
    Mega Kick Physical One Slot - 75% The user lashes out with a foot, using all the power in it's leg to strike with great power.
    Mega Punch Physical One Slot - 85% The user bunches up it's muscles, throwing a punch and slugging the target with all the gathered power.
    Metronome De/Buff One Slot - -% The user waggles it's finger, using it's mental power to randomly stimulate parts of the brain not normally used. This then causes the user to use nearly any move in existence, obvious exceptions being moves that it is incapable of physically performing. Example: A Pokémon without wings using Fly.
    Milk Drink Recovery One Slot - -% The user drinks a large quantity of delicious healing milk. It restores the user's health by up to fifty percent it's maximum.
    Mimic De/Buff One Slot - -% The user copies the targets last used move. This move essentially replaces "Mimic" and can be used until the user is switched out or returned.
    Mind Reader De/Buff One Slot - -% The user senses the targets next movements, using their mind or simply by watching the targets body language. This ensures that it does not miss it's next attack.
    Minimize De/Buff One Slot - -% The user curls up into a ball to minimize the surface area available for the enemy to strike, or, in the case of those with a liquidish body, absorbs back into it's self to the same effect.
    Moonlight Recovery One Slot - -% The users uses the power of the moonlight to recover it's health, regaining half of it's health on a normal day, all of it's health on a sunny day, and a quarter of it's health under heavy rain.
    Morning Sun Recovery One Slot - -% The user uses the power of the sun to recover it's health, the brighter the sun the more health is recovered, the less sun the less health.
    Natural Gift Physical One Slot Various 100% The user draws power from it's held Berry to attack, the type of Berry determines the power of the attack, as well as the type which can be found here.
    Nature Power De/Buff One Slot - -% The user makes use of nature's power, launching an attack using what the surrounding area has to offer.

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