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    Ghost Movedex

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    Ghost MoveDex
    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description

    Astonish Physical Two Slot 10 100% Boo! The user of this move strikes suddenly and noisily to startle the foe, usually from a hidden starting position.

    Confuse Ray Status Changer Two Slot - 100% The user fires a ray of multicolored, flashing energy at the foe, dazzling and stunning that enemy. The attack distorts the thoughts of the Pokémon, making it unable to act in a logical manner: it may not be able to walk straight, or it may even attack itself accidentally until it can snap out of its daze.

    Curse Debuff/Buff One Slot - -% This move functions in two ways: when a non-Ghost-type uses Curse, it utters a sinister chant and an oath to defeat its foe at any cost. In doing so, it taps into a hidden power that bulks up its muscles and hardens its body, increasing its Attack and Defense by one stage but hindering its movement by one stage as well. If a Ghost-type Pokémon uses Curse, it utters a different chant, summoning a ghostly pin that drives itself into the user's shadow. The user becomes incredibly fatigued in doing so, but in return lays a deadly curse upon the foe that hurts and torments it at a rate equal to that of the user's strongest offensive attack on every post.

    Destiny Bond Debuff Two Slot - -% The user concentrates deeply on the opponent, tying their individual strings of fate together, and transforming its own body into a voodoo doll to be used on the opponent. Every attack is felt made on the user is felt equally by the opponent and if the user faints, the opponent will fall with it. The connection takes a lot of concentration, and as such, the user cannot use any other attacks as long as the bond is maintained.

    Grudge Debuff Two Slot - -% This move may only be used on the turn the Pokémon using it faints. The user releases a sinister aura and lays a powerful curse on the foe, preventing the enemy from using the move that made it faint for the rest of the battle (even when it's switched out).
    Hex Special Two Slot 15 100% The user concentrates and an arcane chant begins to fill the air. Once this chant hits a crescendo an orb of ghostly energy lashes out towards the target. The power of this move is doubled if the target is burned, poisoned, paralyzed, frozen, or asleep.

    Lick Physical One Slot 5 100% The user attacks the foe with its long tongue to deal damage. Because of its strange ghost aura, the attack has a chance of inflicting a paralysis.

    Night Shade Special One Slot Various 100% The user attacks the foe with a wave of charged energy shaped like itself, intended to create a mirage-like effect. If one sees past the illusion, it is revealed that the user is actually shooting a black bolt of energy from its eyes. Damage is calculated by the user's level divided by two with a one point minimum.

    Nightmare Support Two Slot - 100% The user grabs the sleeping victim's head and begins focusing sinister energy into it, causing horrible hallucinations and headaches. For every post, the user loses a fourth of its maximum HP.
    Ominous Wind Special Two Slot 20 100% The user summons a terrible, chilling wind swarming with spiritual energy and the malice of the dead, whipping it into a screaming cyclone that speeds towards the target. If the foe is caught within the maelstrom, the evil power of the wind saps its strength, clouds its mind, and hinders its movement for the remainder of the battle, all the while afflicting the victim with terrible pain. Because of its horrible manifestation of energy, the user has a small chance of increasing ALL of its stats by one stage.

    Shadow Ball Special One Slot 25 100% Hailed as the ultimate Ghost-type technique, the user hurls a blob of pure shadowy power at the enemy. This ball explodes on contact with anything, causing heavy damage and spiritually weakening any living creatures caught in the blast, lowering their Special Defense by one stage.

    Shadow Claw Physical One Slot 23 100% The user's own shadow lifts off of the ground and curls around its claws, allowing the user to perform a deadly slashing attack! Because of its deadly movement, it has a bigger chance in landing critical hits.

    Shadow Force Physical Two Slot 40 100% A
    move that's unique to Giratina. The user will mysteriously disappear in the blink of an eye on its first post. Gathering a manifestation of evil energy, the user suddenly reappears in front of the opponent and viciously strikes them. Powerful blasts of aura are emitted upon contact, breaking through any protection covering the opponent.

    Shadow Punch Physical One Slot 20 -% The user vanishes into the darkness, then pops out of the enemy's shadow and lands a powerful punch! Because of how close the user can appear in proximity to the foe, this attack never misses.

    Shadow Sneak Physical One Slot 13 100% The user's shadow stretches until it is behind the foe, then lashes out from underneath! Because of its quick stealthiness, the move will always go first.

    Spite Debuff One Slot - 100% The user places a curse on the opponent denying any Stat increases or decreases that are used by the opponent during this battle phase.

    Grass MoveDex
    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description
    Absorb Special Two Slot 5 100% Red beams shoot out the eyes of the Pokémon who initiates the move. If these beams connect with the foe, the user will begin to drain the life out of the foe. This move recovers recovers the user's HP by half of the inflicted damage.
    Aromatherapy Status Changer One Slot - 100% The user produces a sweet fragrance that calms any Pokémon that is to smell it instantly. This fragrance will heal the status ailments of any Pokémon that smells it.
    Bullet Seed Physical Two Slot 5 100% The user spits out a rapid stream of small of three seeds at an extremely quick rate, pelting the foe.
    Cotton Guard Buff One Slot - -% The user wraps itself in a thick sheet of cotton. Surprisingly, the move provides amazing defense, raising the stat one level.
    Cotton Spore Debuff One Slot - 100% The user throws a bunch of cotton at the foe, causing it to get bogged down and drastically slowing it down by two stages.
    Energy Ball Special One Slot 25 100% The user generates a small orb a pulsing greenish energy and fires it at the foe. This technique isn't remarkably quick, but if it does connect, it will cause the foe's defenses to drop.
    Frenzy Plant Special Two Slot 50 90% The user stomps the ground and causes several thick, billowing vine covered in spines to shoot out of the ground and strike the foe. This attack is massively powerful, but only available to fully-evolved Grass-type starters without the use use Metronome or Sketch. The user will be exhausted after using this move and will have to rest.
    Giga Drain Special Two Slot 22 100% Similar to Absorb, but this attack steals its energy in the form of large green tendrils instead of small red beams. The size of the green tendrils are considerably huge. This move recovers recovers the user's HP by half of the inflicted damage.
    Grass Knot Special One Slot Various 100% The user uses its natural prowess to cause two vine-like blades of grass to grow and tie themselves together near the foe. The foe then trips over the knot, slowing it down and causing major damage to heavy foes. The power is determined by the user’s weight divided by twenty.
    Grass Pledge Special One Slot 15 100% The user releases columns of grass-mixed vortex that strikes the opponent. This move is unaffected by Grass Gem and will not consume it. In a double battle, if the move is combined with Water Pledge, it will combine into one vast swamp and will do double the damage. After the effects of the attack, the opponents' speed are drastically reduced. If the move is combined with Fire Pledge, the move will come out as Fire Pledge and it will partially damage the opponents in a vortex of fire for four posts.
    Grass Whistle Status Changer One Slot - 55% The user pulls out a blade of grass and plays it skillfully like a flute, causing a foe to become drowsy. Caution should be exercised with this move, as one wrong note makes the entire move ineffective.
    Horn Leech Physical Two Slot 22 100% A move generally only learned by Sawsbuck, this move involves jabbing horns or antlers into the opponent and sapping nutrients, replenishing the user's energy. This move recovers recovers the user's HP by half of the inflicted damage.
    Ingrain Support Two Slot - -% The user puts its roots into the ground and begins to absorb nutrients. The user restores some health every turn, but is made unable to switch out.
    Leaf Blade Physical One Slot 30 100% One or more of the leaves on the surface of the user's body becomes very stiff and is used as an impromptu blade, viciously cutting through any Pokémon or object. Because of its sharp texture, the move is able to land more critical hits than usual.
    Leaf Storm Special Two Slot 45 90% The user summons a hulking mass of sharp leaves to hurl at its foe. While it may not have the perks that Razor Leaf and Magical Leaf have, this move has something different: raw power. This move is so strong that it drains at the user's energy, significantly lowering their special attack by two stages.
    Leaf Tornado Special Two Slot 20 90% The user summons and gains temporary control of a large tornado full of leaves that will cut up any Pokémon to be trapped inside. It is distinguished for being quite the reliable move, but is known to be unstable, as the user may suddenly lose control. The attack is capable of lowering the opponent's accuracy by one stage due to the ferocity of the vortex.
    Leech Seed Recovery Two Slot - 90% The user throws a seed at the foe, which latches on and sprouts a small chute. Every turn, the sprout saps one sixteenth of the foe's maximum HP and gives it to the user.
    Magical Leaf Special One Slot 20 -% The user summons a strange wave of glowing leaves to wash over the foe. While this attack's aesthetic may be similar to Razor Leaf's, you'll pay dearly if you get them confused. The leaves fired during this technique home in on their opponent, ensuring this move will never miss.
    Mega Drain Special Two Slot 13 100% Similar to Absorb, this attack steals its energy in the form of large green tendrils instead of small red beams. This move recovers recovers the user's HP by half of the inflicted damage.
    Needle Arm Physical One Slot 20 100% A Pokémon with a thorny or spiky arm goes in for a punch or a friendly hug. Either way, the foe is about to be for a world of hurt.
    Petal Dance Special Two Slot 12 100% The user attacks by spreading lovely petals about and thrashing its arms. The attack doubles in damage each turn it is used with a cap of three posts. If used for its full three turns, the user becomes confused from fatigue.
    Power Whip Physical Two Slot 40 85% This move is similar to the move Vine Whip, but is much more powerful, and thus, enjoyed by much more powerful Pokémon.
    Razor Leaf Physical One Slot 17 95% The user summons a flurry of very sharp leaves to slice the foe up. It is known to strike many vital areas on opposing Pokémon, causing critical hits. Unlike many other moves, Razor Leaf is known to hit at all ranges.
    Seed Bomb Physical One Slot 25 100% The user launches three or four large seeds at the foe. The seeds explode on impact and inflict some notable damage.
    Seed Flare Special Two Slot 40 85% This is the special move exclusive to Shaymin, the legendary gratitude Pokémon. The user glows green and absorbs pollutants and photons in the surrounding air into one source. After a bit of charging, the energy is unleashed in a small explosion that creates a shockwave that looks like a turquoise ring of energy. This move is very strong and is known to significantly lower the foe's defenses.
    Sleep Powder Status Changer Two Slot - 75% The user unleashes a greenish powder that causes the foe to become sleepy.
    Solarbeam Special Two Slot 45 100% The user spends one round of battle pulling in light from the sun and unleashes its stored energy in the form of a thin, devastating beam. This move is well known for its massive power and availability to most Grass-types. This attack's power is amplified and quickened under conditions of extreme sun and its power is halved in rainstorms.
    Spore Status Changer Two Slot - 100% The user unleashes several spores that fill the air and are propelled towards the foe. While similar to Sleep Powder, it is well known that Spore is much more effective, as the spores in the air cannot be as easily blown away as the powder.
    Stun Spore Status Changer Two Slot - 75% The user throws out a golden-hued powder that inhibits movement and slowly paralyzes the target. Due to the deflectable nature of the powder, Trainers are encouraged not to use this move without a strategy, lest it come back to haunt them.
    Synthesis Buff Two Slot - -% The user undergoes a sort of photosynthesis, restoring its HP. Under normal conditions Synthesis will restore one half of the user's total HP, in intense sunlight, it will be fully restored, and under heavy rain the user's HP will be restored by one fourth.
    Vine Whip Physical One Slot 13 100% The user uses vines or something similar to lash out and strike the foe, causing a bit of damage.
    Wood Hammer Physical Two Slot 40 100% A move used by more advanced Pokémon under more advanced trainers. The user bludgeons the foes violently with either its body or the trunk of a tree, often created just for such an occasion. The attack is so powerful, the user loses Stamina equal to one fourth of the damage it inflicted on its opponent.
    Worry Seed Debuff One Slot - 100% The user fires a small seed that takes root in the opponent's skin. The small plant that emerges acts as a sort of anti-depressant, tensing the foe up and making it nervous. This move causes the foe to lose his ability and change it to Insomnia, which prevents sleep.

    Ground MoveDex
    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description

    Bone Club Physical One Slot 20 85% A signature attack of the Cubone Family. The user strikes the foe using a large, solid disembodied bone.

    Bone Rush Physical Two Slot 5 90% A signature attack of the Cubone Family. Using its disembodied bone, the user unleashes a couple of flurry attacks at the opponent, ranging for three hits.

    Bonemerang Physical Two Slot 10 90% A signature attack of the Cubone Family. The user flings its weapon at the target with a wicked spin, hitting them along the way. The bone will then perform a loop in midair and return to the thrower, also striking the target in the back on the return trip!

    Bulldoze Physical Two Slot 20 100% The user either stomps or slams a part of its body into the ground with enough force to create a shock wave that rattles the nearby surrounding area, damaging all those near them. The sudden shaking disorientates those hit by it, causing them to stumble around for a bit afterward. Pokemon that are affected by this attack will slow down due to the immense shock wave.

    Dig Physical Two Slot 15 100% The user tunnels into the earth on its first post. On its second post, the user forcefully surfaces underneath to attack the target! This move can also be used outside of battle to escape dungeons or caves.

    Drill Run Physical Two Slot 25 95% The user rotates his/her body like a drill and viciously tackles the opponent to add much more force to the attack. Because of this added effect, it will often result in a critical hit.

    Earth Power Special Two Slot 30 100% The user's whole body turns gold and strikes the ground with their body. The ground then cracks with bursting yellow light, sending a precise wave of force to explode underneath the opponent. Because of its startling power, the opponent may become more vulnerable to Special Attacks.

    Earthquake Physical Two Slot 35 100% The ultimate and most common Ground-type move. The user intensely slams onto the ground, dealing a tremendous amount of damage to any targets within range of its seismic shock wave. If the opponent is using Dig at the time, the move will do double the damage.

    Fissure Physical Two Slot OHKO 30% A mighty attack capable of defeating a foe in a single blow. The user creates an opening in the ground, a fissure, and lets the victim fall in. However, it can be easily avoided by agile and healthy Pokemon.

    Magnitude Physical Two Slot Various 100% The user surrounds their body with an energy of aura. The user then stomps the ground and creates a ground-shaking quake that strikes all targets on the field. The strength of the quake is determined by the level of the user plus the level of the target divided by four.

    Mud Bomb Special One Slot 20 85% The user forms a tightly packed mud of ball from their mouths. They then release the spoiled mud ball at the enemy, bursting with great force upon impact. Because of its violent and muddy impact, the attack has a chance of lowering the opponent's Accuracy.

    Mud Shot Special One Slot 17 95% The user gathers a blob of mud into their hands and shoots it out into a stream. As annoying the mud can be, the mud is quite boggling and can reduce the opponent's mobility.

    Mud Sport Debuff One Slot - -% The user spontaneously jumps around in excitement and releases huge packs of mud from its body, covering the whole field of the substance. As long as the user remains on the field, Electric-type attacks are significantly weakened.

    Mud-Slap Special One Slot 5 100% The user hurls mud at the opponent’s face, both damaging them and decreasing their ability to see.

    Sand Tomb Physical One Slot 5 85% The user spontaneously generates a pool of quicksand underneath the target, holding fast and damaging it so long as the victim remains within it. The user is stuck within the quicksand for three turns, partially damaging them on each post.

    Sand-Attack Debuff One Slot - 100% The user throws sand into the opponent's eyes. This move is used quite often because of it's starting level and effectiveness. While it does no damage, it blinds the victim and lowers their accuracy.

    Spikes Debuff One Slot - -% The user scatters a number of caltrop-like spikes around the arena, which act as a general hazard to Pokémon in the current battle. These spikes are very sharp, dealing damage to anything that touches them. A Pokémon sent into the battle while the spikes are planted will automatically take partial damage from them.

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