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    Water Move Dex


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    Water Move Dex

    Post  Jessica Steele on Thu May 31, 2012 10:33 pm

    Move Type Slot Value Power Accuracy Description
    Aqua Jet Physical One Slot 13 100% The user of the move surrounds its whole body in water and shoots itself at the opponent with blinding speed. This move is surely to hit first.
    Aqua Ring Recovery Two Slot - -% The user envelops itself in a veil of soothing water that cleanses away its fatigue and soothes its wounds, allowing it to recover from a fatigued state. The user will continue to restore one sixteenth of their max HP at the end of every turn. The effect of Aqua Ring can be Baton Passed, and will heal any Pokémon, regardless of its type.
    Aqua Tail Physical One Slot 30 90% A stream of water bursts out from the user's tail. The user then jumps up in the air and flips around to deliver a blow to the opponent, equal to as if the target was hit by a vicious wave in a raging storm.
    Brine Special Two Slot 20 100% The user releases a strong stream of water at the opponent. This attack will do more damage if the opponent is already injured or at a bad condition.
    Bubble Special One Slot 5 100% The user shoots out jets of bubbles that can damage the opponent. This attack can expand and hit more than one Pokémon. The attack has a chance of completely enveloping the target in a mass of bubbles (or inside one BIG one), reducing its mobility and speed by one stage, or even completely immobilizing it.
    Bubblebeam Special One Slot 20 100% A blast of concentrated bubbles is ejected at the opponent with a high velocity. The attack has a chance of completely enveloping the target in a mass of bubbles (or inside one BIG one), reducing its mobility and speed, or even completely immobilizing it.
    Clamp Physical Two Slot 5 85% An attack unique to the Clamperl and Shellder lines, the user slams its powerful shell shut with the foe still within it, constricting their movements and partially damaging them for three turns.
    Crabhammer Physical One Slot 30 90% The user closes its claw, glowing into a color of white energy. The user then slams its claw right at the opponent. A critical hit is more likely to land with this attack.
    Dive Physical Two Slot 15 100% On the first post, the user dives down on a body of water. On its second post, the user floats up and ram into the opponent. This move can also be used to dive deep into the ocean along with a passenger and can obviously only be used in water.
    Hydro Cannon Special Two Slot 50 90% Exclusive to only Water-Type starter Pokémon, this is the most powerful Water-move that can be executed. The user gathers in energy and fires out an intense orb of water energy at the opponent. Because of the exhaust of energy it uses, the user is left vulnerable and cannot attack on their next post.
    Hydro Pump Special Two Slot 40 80% The user ejects out a powerful blast of water against the opponent. As powerful this move is, it is quite inaccurate.
    Muddy Water Special Two Slot 30 85% The user releases a wave of spiraling brown water at the opponent. It hits all opponents that are within range. The move incorporates dirt and mud from the ground into the wave, which may blind foes by getting its contents into their eyes, effectively lowering their accuracy by one stage.
    Octazooka Special One Slot 20 85% The signature attack of Octillery. The user fires a blast of black ink at the foe, dealing a fair bit of damage and possibly blinding the target, lowering its accuracy by one stage.
    Rain Dance Weather Changer One Slot - -% The user performs a quick ritual dance or shoots a ball of energy into the sky to summon rainclouds. This will clear out any other weather effects. Once finished, heavy rain will pelt the field, boosting the power of Water moves, while dousing and weakening Fire. The moves Thunder and Hurricane will be an immediate hit. The rain may have other effects depending on the situation.
    Razor Shell Physical One Slot 23 95% The user's shell glows with bright energy, leaving a blue trail behind. The user then slashes the opponent with an overwhelming force. Because of its incredible piercing effect, the attack can lower the opponent's defense by one stage.
    Scald Special Two Slot 25 100% The user releases a blast of boiling-hot water at the opponent. Because of its intense heat, the attack has a probable chance of burning the opponent.
    Soak Type Changer Two Slot - 100% The user releases a torrent of water against the opponent. When it sprays upon the opponent, it changes the target's type into a Water.
    Surf Special Two Slot 30 100% The user creates a huge wave of water and rides on it. The wave then crashes and swamps the opponent(s). This hits all possible Pokémon that are on the field. This move can also be used to traverse across bodies of water.
    Water Gun Special One Slot 13 100% A basic move where nearly all Water-type Pokémon know this move. The user blasts out a jet of forceful water against the opponent.
    Water Pledge Special One Slot 15 100% The user releases three columns of water that strikes the opponent. This move is unaffected by Water Gem and will not consume it. In a double battle, if the move is combined with Fire Pledge, it will combine into one attack and will do double the damage. After the effects of the attack, a rainbow will appear on the user's side for four posts, having an effect that will increase the chance of secondary effects from other attacks. If the move is combined with Grass Pledge, the move will come out as Grass Pledge and it will drastically decrease the speed of all foes for four posts.
    Water Pulse Special One Slot 20 100% The user forms a ball of water energy, which then becomes a pulsating wave that attacks the opponent. Because of its intense pulsating attack, the attack has a chance of confusing the opponent.
    Water Sport Debuff One Slot - -% The user splashes out an overspread of water that soaks the whole field. Fire-type moves are weakened as long as the user remains on the field.
    Water Spout Special Two Slot 50(NTBC) 100% From its blowhole, the user blasts out an enormous amount of water against the opponent. The move will inflict the most damage the more health the opponent has. This move can hit all opponents.
    Waterfall Physical One Slot 25 100% The user releases a geyser of water and slams at the opponent with an overwhelming speed. This move can also be used to climb up waterfalls with a passenger.
    Whirlpool Special Two Slot 5 85% The user whips up a vicious, free-standing cyclone of water to envelop and injure the foe for three turns. The waterspout breaks up quickly on land, and is thus much more effective while underwater, or in the rain.
    Withdraw Buff One Slot - -% The user vacates themselves into their sturdy shells. As long as it is withdrawn, it cannot attack, but it becomes incredibly resistant to attacks and injury. A great protective move for when one needs to weather a barrage of strong attacks. Defense is raised by one stage.

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