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    Steel Move Dex


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    Steel Move Dex

    Post  Jessica Steele on Thu May 31, 2012 10:32 pm

    Autotomize Buff One Slot - -% The user sheds off any excess armor to increase their mobility and speed by two stages. Also, as a result, the user’s weight is also halved, altering the damage revolving around moves that are determined by weight.
    Bullet Punch Physical One Slot 13 100% The user’s arms glow a bright orange as they dash at the foe, striking the target repeatedly with great speed. Perfect for interrupting moves and compensating for low speed, but is a tad weak due to lack of aiming or focus. This move is certain to strike first.
    Doom Desire Special Two Slot 45 100% The signature move of Jirachi. A significantly more powerful varient of Future Sight, the target chooses Doom Desire as its destiny. Two turns later the target is blasted a concentrated bundle of light, even going so far as to raise it into the air before the energy detonates, sending waves of light flying in all directions.
    Flash Cannon Special One Slot 25 100% The user forms an orb of energy in their mouth before releasing it in the form a silver beam. The beam can cause lingering damage that leaves the foe more vulnerable to future Sp. Attacks by having its Sp. Defence reduced by one stage.
    Gear Grind Physical One Slot 7 100% The signature move of the Klink family. The user grinds the gears of their body together and tackles into the foe, hitting them up to twice.
    Gyro Ball Physical Two Slot Various 100% The user holds out its arms as orbs of white or purple energy appear at the ends of them then user then spins at high speed and tackles the foe. The move grows stronger depending on how many speed buffs on the user and speed debuffs on the target, boosting its power by five for each one and is capped at fifty power.
    Heavy Slam Physical Two Slot Various 100% The user grabs the foe and slams them to the ground with all their weight and power. The weight of the user minus the weight of the target divided by five is the amount of damage the target will sustain.
    Iron Defense Buff One Slot - -% The user glows faintly as their body hardens like solid iron, sharply raising its defence by two stages.
    Iron Head Physical Two Slot 25 100% The user’s head glows white as they slam their steel-hard head into the foe.
    Iron Tail Physical One Slot 35 75% The user’s tail glows white and becomes harder than steel as it’s slammed into the target. The force of the blow can sometimes cause the target’s defenses to crumble, lowering them by one stage.
    Magnet Bomb Physical One Slot 20 -% A silver orb of magnetic energy appears in front of the foe. When fired it explodes on impact and is unaffected by changes to the target’s evasion or the user’s accuracy.
    Metal Burst Physical Two Slot Various 100% The user’s body obtains a metallic glow and a white ball is formed in front of their mouth. The ball will absorb the power of the attack, after the user receives damage, and sends the ball hurling back at the target, dealing one and a half times the damage taken in.
    Metal Claw Physical One Slot 15 95% The user’s claws glow white and extend, rushing the foe with metallic slash. Occasionally the claws will further sharpen after contact with the target, raising the user’s Attack by one stage.
    Metal Sound Debuff One Slot - 100% Part of the user’s body glows white and it emits a loud sound with blue waves. The sound causes pain in the target’s ears, lowering their Sp. Defence stat by two stages.
    Meteor Mash Physical Two Slot 35 85% The user’s hand glows white or a silhouette of a golden meteor forms around its hand before the user punches the target. During the swing, star-shaped particles are formed and streak behind. The user sometimes has leftover power afterwards, causing their Attack to raise by one stage.
    Mirror Shot Special One Slot 20 65% The user’s eyes glow red and a green beam is fired from the pupil towards the opponent. The light from the beam will occasionally blind the target, causing their Accuracy to fall by one stage.
    Shift Gear Buff Two Slot - -% A signature move of the Klink family. The user’s gears start rotating at a much faster pace, raising its speed by two stages and its attack by one stage.
    Steel Wing Physical One Slot 23 90% The user’s wings glow white, hardening like steel, before smashing them into the target as the user flies by. The hardness of the wings will sometimes linger after the move is used, causing the user’s defence to rise by one stage.

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