This is a Pokémon RPG. Created by Tony and c0d3r. The RPG will be added in time. Thanks and Enjoy.
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 These are the rules

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General Rules:
Important Notes:
- Getting banned on either the RPG, forums or chatrooms can get you banned on all three if a staff believe it's called for.
- If you're caught cheating, scamming or anything else of that sort, your account will be permanently banned along with any other accounts of yours.
- It does not matter how long ago you broke a rule such as cheating, account trading, account sharing, etc. When you're caught, you're going to get banned either way.
- Do not bug a staff member about a ban that is not yours.
- Staff members are not allowed to give you the okay if you can have another persons account or not. The only person that can give you the okay is c0d3r himself but chances are I won't.

The following rules apply for the RPG, forums and chatrooms.
1. Be respectful and polite to others.
2. Do not flame, do not harass/annoy others, and do not use profane or vulgar language.
3. Don't spam or flood. Do not post ads for other Pokemon RPG games, your site (this also includes 'friends' site and anything else), or chatroom channel(s). Illegal and inappropriate links will get you banned.
4. Keep your names and profiles appropriate. Do not use vulgarities, profanities, or anything excessively rude, etc.
5. Please keep the atmosphere of the RPG kid-friendly. While we have some older players, this is still a site for children.
6. Do not create threads or make posts to accuse another user of cheating or doing anything inappropriate anywhere on PokemonDimensions. That's what the report and private message functions are for. Let a PokemonDimensions staff member know about it privately if you believe somebody is doing anything that you believe is against PokemonDimensions rules.
7. If a staff member says that an issue has been resolved or that they don't see anything regarding foul/unfair play, do not continue to bug them.
8. Do not impersonate another user. This includes pretending to be them anywhere on the RPG, forums and the chatrooms, or offering to trade Pokemon out of their account that you don't own. Registering a unique nickname that somebody had previously used on the chatrooms just to ghost and spite them can get you banned.
9. Do not make threads directed at specific user(s). Send them a private message.
10. Please do not type words in all capitals. Although posting in all capital letters is disabled, if there is a way to get around it, don't do it.
11. Posting of others' personal information is not allowed.
12. Do not beg. Do not beg for free Pokemon, and do not ask for powers or status of any kind.
13. If you choose to roleplay, invincibility is not appropriate. Please keep RP reasonable; don't clutter up the room with one-line posts if other people are also trying to talk.
14. Don't tell a staff member that you know somebody is cheating but do not wish to rat them out. Because you will be the one that ends up being banned for being accomplices with them.
15. Do not create a crazy amount of accounts on the forums, RPG or chatrooms. Try to keep it at a maximum of 5. Anybody spamming creation of accounts on any of these can have every single account of theirs banned if it is deemed abusive. That means your newly created accounts, your storage and even your main accounts.
16. English only.

PokemonDimensions Rules:
1. Do not cheat. This includes using programs such as autoclickers, macros, autoattackers, etc.. Also included: use of more than one browser or more than one window to battle at once (multibrowsering/multiwindowing), abusing glitches to get stuff you should not be able to get or to get it more easily than others, or doing anything that gives you an unfair advantage. You are also not permitted to purposely battle glitched accounts (accounts that have errors in the roster, or may award you more points/etc. than you are supposed to get), or refresh/F5 or otherwise do anything to change intended battle mechanics or continually avoid completing battles. If we can't tell it apart from cheating, it is cheating. Do not evade faction bonuses or anything else of the sort.
2. If you find a glitch, error, or problem, PM it to a mod. Do not post it on the forum or chatrooms. Do not abuse it, either. If you abuse a glitch and do not report it, or if you report it only after you abused it, you can be banned for it.
3. Trading PokemonDimensions stuff for things on other sites or vice versa, or trading PokemonDimensions stuff (this means ANY pokemon, training services, etc.) for real-world money or real-world items are not allowed.
4. Glitches/glitched Pokemon are also not allowed to be traded. This includes level 0 Pokemon, Pokemon with no images, or anything that should not actually be there or exist in the game. Exceptions to this that are allowed to be traded are any of the very old (G) or wrongly gendered pokemon (ex. (G) Eevee, (M) Lugia) from past versions. If you are unsure, ask a moderator, or simply don't trade it.
5. Do not create multiple accounts in order to hoard new goldens. It doesn't matter if you made them months ago or just before golden day. Only active, frequently used accounts may be used for goldens. All your accounts will be banned if you ignore this. In addition, do not create multiple accounts for the purpose of obtaining more level four Pokemon, promo Pokemon, or Pokemon from challenges/quests. You may only enter one account in Safari Contest, etc.
6. Do not share accounts. Using your something to mask your IP address can make it appear as though you're sharing your account and is highly advised against.
7. Do not "trade" or "give away" accounts either; give away your stuff IN the account instead. All your accounts will be banned when you're caught. Does not matter if the account was given to you by a staff or not, or if there was anything in there, it still falls under "trading" and "give away" and you will be banned.
8. Keep your password safe, and keep it to yourself. Always logout when using a public computer. Do not give your password to anyone else for any reason. Note: None of the staff members will ever ask you for your password.
9. Do not scam. Staff members will look into it, and if you're caught doing so, you will be permanently banned from the RPG (all your accounts), forums and possibly even the chatrooms.
10. Lending somebody your Pokemon or letting them train it is at your own risk. Moderators will not help you get your Pokemon back.
11. If an account is banned and that account holds any staff members contest Pokemon, the contest Pokemon will be removed from the account.

PokemonDimensions Forum Rules:
1. Do not abuse the report button. This means don't flame moderators in your reports, don't report people without a good reason for it, don't report the same post 15 times, etc.
2. Do not spam. This includes "recruiting" for clans in other forum sections, which is not allowed. Do not advertise other Pokemon sites, forums, chats, or other game sites. It is alright to have a link to your profile/signature, but that's it. Please don't say "sorry for spamming" either - you obviously know you shouldn't be spamming, so just don't do it in the first place.
3. If you think someone is cheating or doing something else against the rules, please PM a moderator. Do not make a thread about it.
4. No posting of any threads that break or encourage breaking any RPG rules, such as threads about intersite trading or cheating.
5. Do not make threads or posts telling people to check another portion of the site. For example, do not make one telling them to check their PMs.
6. If someone is flooding or mass spamming the forum and a moderator is not online to take care of it, do not reply to their posts.
7. Account sharing is not allowed.
8. Do not evade bans. This means if you get banned, you wait out the entire duration. Do not create a new account. Do not create new accounts and pretend you're someone else or someone new, either. If you are permanently banned, you can appeal by going on the chatrooms and having a chat with one of the higher staff members. If the staff says no, you must wait it out and hope that it is later removed. If you insist on bugging them still, you will also be banned on the RPG and chatrooms.
9. Do not bump threads, except in Trades, where you may bump after at least 20 minutes only. You are NOT permitted to delete your threads and repost them in quick succession in an attempt to get around this rule, or post and delete the posts. In addition to this rule, you are also not allowed to give anyone 'free bumps'.
10. Do not make "I quit" threads. Just leave silently.
11. Do not ask what a Pokemon is worth. It's worth what you think it's worth.
12. Do not post anything inappropriate; this means nothing of a vulgar or obscene nature, etc.
13. If you posted something and forgot something, please do not make a new post. Use the 'edit' button instead.
14. Do not use the report button for somebody scamming you. Private message it to a moderator with full details and any evidence you have.
15. Do not ask how to become a staff member. Doing so will only lower your chances.
16. Link your accounts. Do not make trade threads if your account is not linked.

- When you make a 'Help' thread, such as a thread for the UCG(User Created Guides), you are agreeing to the terms that the staffs of PokemonDimensions can use, edit, change, move and remove your guide as they see fit.
- Staff members are allowed to lock, edit, delete or do anything else they want with any thread/post in any forum(s) as they see fit.

Chatroom Rules:
1. Please have only 1 chat open per person (bots are not allowed).
2. Guests should change their names when they arrive. Typing /nick namehere (example. /nick Bill) is how this is done.
3. Stick to one or two nicknames. If you feel the need to change your nickname, you may, but do not do it over and over constantly or spam the channel with nickname changes.
4. Do not use inappropriate names.
5. Keep trades in #Trades. Type /join #Trades to get there.
6. Rules concerning trades apply in the chatrooms as well; at no time on the chats are you allowed to inter-site trade, exchange pokemon for real money, trade glitched pokemon, etc.
7. Do what the staff in the room tell you to do.
8. If you have an RPG issue and no moderator is on the chat at the time, PM one on the forum or post in the Help forums. Normal users or chat server staff cannot help you.
9. Do not abuse the bots or any of the other server functions, especially in ways that harm other users.
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These are the rules
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